patrick dengelegi director of admissions

Patrick Dengelegi​

Director of Business Development

“Happiness isn’t something that’s achieved, it’s a skill that’s cultivated and practiced daily. It’s mastery comes from serving others.”


Patrick is the Director of Admissions at Epiphany Wellness. Previously he worked as an Admission Coordinator helping his former company ensure they provided the individual attention and care for their clients. Patrick takes tremendous pride in his line of work because he personally has had his own battle with addiction. His recovery was not an easy path, but after a few attempts with the correct treatment plan, he was able to embrace the recovery process. This led Patrick to discover his passion to help people like him find the road to recovery through his skills in admissions, being able to communicate with clients and show them there is access to superior care. He excels at each position due to his passion for recovery and desire to assist those in need.

Patrick’s goal for Epiphany Wellness and the community is to establish knowledge to all clients that there is hope, faith, and support through their treatment process.