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Healing takes time. And no one can get there on their own. Our expert medical and clinical care team brings several decades of combined experience to offer innovative and effective therapeutic services and treatment programs in New Jersey.
After a detailed and comprehensive intake and evaluation process, our team will develop a completely individualized approach to recovery and healing that is designed for each individual patient.
Once your path is clear and your life is defined by sobriety rather than controlled by substances, you begin to see life as it was meant to be: free, joyful, and sustainable.

The Epiphany Wellness Approach To Recovery

A Different Kind of Support

Epiphany Wellness is invested in the whole-person healing and wellness journey
Using unique modalities and evidenced-backed therapies, we’re driven by a patient-forward approach to care and support.
This requires an individualized approach to each patient’s needs and capacity for modification.
Is There Outpatient Treatment for Prescription Opioid Abuse?

Challenging The Industry Standard

Substances affect the reward center of the brain and initiate the release of dopamine. This is our body’s naturally occurring chemical that’s responsible for pleasure and happiness. Due to the substance’s habit-forming nature, symptom management isn’t enough to create a lifetime of joy and sustainable recovery.
Addiction and Substance Use Disorder is a complex disease that impacts the physical, mental, emotional, functional, and spiritual health of the brain and the body.
For a true recovery transformation, treatment must address them all.
Treatment that saves lives

Treatments Offered At Epiphany Wellness

The wrong treatment at the right time could mean the difference between relapse and success. The same is true with the right team in your corner. Here, there are no stigmas. No judgment. No obstacles. Just compassionate and comprehensive expert care.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A day program, or partial hospitalization program, is an intensive outpatient program that does not require the patient to live on site.
We believe a day program empowers patients and grants them more autonomy than a restrictive inpatient program.
By using clinically diverse and evidence-based therapy models, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), our outpatient curriculum and aftercare offer highly effective solutions for life-altering results.
Patients will participate in 1:1 and group sessions over a custom timeframe that’s designed to fit the needs of each individual.

Why Partial Hospitalization?

PHPs offer a precision blend of inpatient and outpatient programs with both exhaustive treatment and safe independence.
If a patient has just exited an inpatient program, our PHP can also serve as a bridge between where they’ve come from and where they’re going next to facilitate a natural and confident transition.
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Our PHP Process

At Epiphany Wellness’s substance abuse programs in New Jersey, we start with a comprehensive mental and medical patient assessment. Based on this data, we will develop a custom treatment plan using a variety of successful modalities.

Our PHP process is designed to replicate an inpatient program. Patients will attend several hours a day of private and group sessions and be charged with attainable goals for maintaining lifelong sobriety and wellness.
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Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment differs from PHP programs in session duration and the number of sessions per week.

The American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM) set the minimum level of care for an IOP at 9 hours per week for up to 90 days.[1]

Why Intensive Outpatient?

IOP is a good fit for a patient with a strong grasp on their addiction and the ability to sustain daily existence without a relapse.

It should be implemented only for those who are confident in their recovery and are ready to move beyond inpatient treatment or PHP.
Here, patients will learn how to survive and thrive in a social environment without the use of substances and develop the mental agility required to maintain lasting sobriety.

Our IOP Process

This treatment plan is ideal for those who have career and family obligations and need flexibility in their schedule while also receiving support and accountability. It keeps patients home with loved ones and operating on their normal routines as much as possible.
After a detailed intake evaluation, our care team will have a clear path for treatment and a 1:1 as well as group session schedule.

Outpatient Treatment (OT)

Outpatient treatment programs enable patients to continue actively participating in their regular routines while simultaneously working towards sobriety.
Outpatient treatment programs are a more relaxed level of care designed for those who have recently completed an inpatient program or a PHP but aren’t comfortable going home full-time without reliable support.

Why Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment programs are a more relaxed level of care designed for those who have recently completed an inpatient program or a PHP but aren’t comfortable going home full-time without reliable support.

Our OT Process

Each patient will work with our care team to design a treatment plan and therapy schedule that allows you to start or continue addiction treatment without having to uproot your life.
With a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment model, patients will acquire the coping skills necessary to get well and maintain lasting recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment refers to the necessity to treat more than one condition simultaneously, such as substance abuse disorder as well as anxiety.
In a recent mental health survey, it was reported that 27% of SUD patients also dealt with major depression, 35% experienced panic attacks, 56% were diagnosed with bipolar disorders, 47% had schizophrenia, and 32% struggled with obsessive-compulsive disorder.[2]

Why Dual Diagnosis?

Substance use disorders and mental health challenges can be a lethal combination. Neglecting to treat co-occurring disorders can exacerbate one or both conditions.
At Epiphany Wellness, we firmly believe in a holistic, whole-person approach to care. This means treating each patient in all the mental, emotional, and spiritual ways needed.

Our Dual Diagnosis Process

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 75% of patients with lengthy exposure to substance abuse achieved long-term periods of stable abstinence, continued group attendance, and sober activities, in addition to improved social functioning.[3]
Our process for dual diagnosis in New Jersey offers an individualized treatment program to address all facets of the patient’s condition.

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Aftercare With Epiphany Wellness

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Aftercare is the continuing support a patient will receive after initial treatments and therapies are successfully completed.
The various types of aftercare include community support, mental health care, counseling, vocational training, job placement, and ongoing education.
This process is a crucial element in promoting sustainable sobriety and preventing a relapse.

Why Aftercare?

Medical studies have shown that with comprehensive and consistent aftercare comes higher levels of abstinence. It can also double the patient’s chances of remaining drug-free for the first eight months, experiencing fewer blackouts, and maintaining abstinence for several more years.[4]
It can be scary to fully leave the fold after long-term treatment. Aftercare is an effective way to keep open lines of communication, accountability, and support.

Our Aftercare Programming

Based on the patient’s individual needs and circumstances, the Epiphany Wellness care team will match them with the perfect-fit aftercare program.
Patients will continue to develop and refine their relapse prevention strategy to better face challenges like triggers, stress, and mental health concerns.

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