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Aftercare Aids In Lifetime Success

Substance use disorder is a complex and frustrating diagnosis that can plague you for decades especially if you are struggling with a co-occurring disorder. Seeking a holistic addiction treatment center is the first step. Aftercare is the bridge between your intensive treatment and a lifetime of successful recovery.

How Are the Opioid Epidemic and Mental Health Related?
Aftercare is crucial

What Is Aftercare?

Aftercare is a community centered program that takes place after you have completed a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program such as an IOP program, outpatient program or detox. It will be a tailored treatment plan that keeps you on the path to continued healing that’s designed to prevent relapse.

You will continue to hone skills that help you stay clean and handle challenges such as stress, triggers, and mental health conditions. With Epiphany Wellness, your New Jersey aftercare plan is where you’re able to exist with complete autonomy in your life and routine but still have a support network to keep you grounded in your recovery.

A Relapse Does Not Equal Failure

It’s an opportunity to reassess and intensify care. It’s the discovery that a new modality should be applied. 
It’s a chance to refresh treatment and keep going.

Long-term recovery

Why Aftercare Is Necessary?

The nature of a substance use disorder is that it’s chronic and prone to relapse. In recent clinical studies, it was discovered that 2/3 of patients relapse within a few weeks or months of beginning treatment. After one year, studies indicate that more than 85% of patients relapse and return to the toxic habits of their substance use disorder.[1]
Sometimes, a break in treatment or community can have disastrous effects. Consistent rehab aftercare in New Jersey can help patients maintain recovery when their other treatment programs end.[2] You or a loved one will learn how to anticipate potential challenges to sobriety and have solutions ready in advance.
Clinical research suggests that most individuals who obtain aftercare and remain consistent in ongoing treatment stop misuse of substances, decrease criminal activity, enhance psychological functioning and improve social behavior.[3]

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What Does Substance Use Disorder Aftercare In New Jersey Look Like?

Aftercare is designed to support someone in early recovery. This path will look different for everyone. Friends and family members can make a significant impact on patients by participating in self-help and aftercare programs with them. This will aid in their recovery and encourage healthy choices and new habits.

Housing Assistance

Not everyone will have a healthy home waiting for them after they’ve completed treatment. In the world of substance use disorders, family relationships can become strained and financial circumstances can be limiting. Or the transition back into a toxic or too-familiar environment may not be suitable.
No matter what your circumstances are, Epiphany Wellness integrates with housing assistance partners as part of your aftercare plan. Even if you would normally have difficulty securing housing due to your past, our connections make this process possible and easier.

Transportation Assistance

From arranging ride-sharing services or public transportation passes, ensuring that you can get where you need to be is critical for aftercare treatment and support. This will be a key component of any relapse prevention strategy, especially if ongoing care includes community meetings, counseling, or mental health appointments.

Continuing Education

If you’ve made significant progress in your treatment programs and are ready to resume pursuing your normal life goals, an aftercare plan will help. The Epiphany Wellness care team will help you find and take advantage of opportunities to finish school or complete your degree.
This is a crucial element of lasting sobriety as it provides a motivation for success and a goal outside the physical realm. It gives you something to strive for. It’s also an activity that operates on a set schedule to help you set healthy schedules and lifestyle rhythms.

Vocational Training

Depending on your aftercare plan or any court rulings, you may be required to get a job after your treatment is complete. Whatever your individual circumstance, your New Jersey aftercare plan will match you with vocational training and job opportunities.

Job Placements Programs

Finding employment after treating a substance use disorder can be stressful and frustrating. Our local network is full of supportive and compassionate people. Your care team can connect you with hiring agencies and business owners designed to extend a helping hand to people who are currently on the road to recovery.
This arrangement can also be a relief to many who feel the pressure to disclose their past. By working with businesses who already know about your journey, this pressure can be completely alleviated.

Community Support

By joining a community support group, you will be surrounded by like-minded people who won’t pressure you about your past or suggest dangerous activities. Instead, you can participate in outdoor adventures, sporting events, community improvement efforts, and even theatrical performances.

Mental Health

A successful aftercare plan should always include ongoing access to mental health support when needed. This is especially critical if you suffer from a dual diagnosis.
The treatment and care you received at the New Jersey drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is not a replacement for ongoing mental health care. You can continue seeing a psychiatrist or therapist or get the medication you need to manage your mental health symptoms.


Community meetings such as AA or NA play a critical role in your relapse prevention strategy. Involvement in these groups is often a requirement of ongoing treatment if you’re taking advantage of the other aftercare opportunities, such as housing or vocational training.
Support meetings are also one of the most significant supports for lasting sobriety. Here you will meet people who are farther along on their journey and who can help keep you focused and accountable. You will also meet people who have not made the same level of progress as you have who you can build into and encourage.

Aftercare Is A Lifetime of Progress

The program is over, but your journey is not. Aftercare will help you stay the course and continue to make lifelong sobriety a priority.
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