Admitting You Need Help Isn’t Failure.

It’s Choosing To Flourish.

Do You Want Help But Don’t Know Where To Begin?

Our Admissions Process Starts Here.

If you or a loved one are striving against a substance use disorder, New Jersey outpatient addiction treatment center, Epiphany Wellness, is here to help.

Healing. Discovery. Freedom.

These are the results of dedicated therapeutic and medical treatment for substance addiction. It’s not merely overcoming the struggle to survive. It’s creating a future where the struggle is behind you, and your future is free.
It’s learning how to reframe your thinking and discover new and effective ways to address complex emotions. It’s recognizing triggers and how to process them.
It’s your fresh start to a free and fulfilled future. It’s a new community that’s empathetic, encouraging, and empowering. It’s a proven and clear path to a true transformation.
It takes a team to get you there. The right team will help you arrive at your desired destination well and whole. Our qualified and supporting holistic care team has worked hard to simplify the process and help you begin to heal as quickly as possible.
Journey to recovery

The Journey To Recovery Starts With A Single Step.

Step 1: Pick Up The Phone and Share Your Story

Every story has a beginning. Where did yours start? How did you arrive where you are now? Here, there is no judgment and no humiliation.
Our substance use disorder admissions providers are compassionate, supportive, and encouraging. and comprehensive expert care. Both their expertise and their experience make them uniquely qualified to not only hear you but to help you.

Step 2: Complete Client Assessment

Your intake assessment process will help our substance use disorder clinical and medical treatment teams know exactly how to design your personalized care path.
Here we will discuss your physical and mental health as well as insurance and payment options.

Step 3: Discover Your Individualized Treatment Plan

Based on the data from your intake assessment, we will develop a comprehensive and completely custom rehabilitation plan.
Since Epiphany Wellness is an intensive outpatient rehab center in central New Jersey, we offer many levels of care that do not require residential or overnight commitments.
Our holistic approach uses a variety of evidence-backed modalities that treat the whole person, not just the addiction, and will help you have the highest level of success.
Depending on the severity of the substance use disorder, you will be prescribed a level of treatment and therapeutic care that matches where you’re at.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

PHP is a blend of inpatient and outpatient treatment with both exhaustive treatment and safe independence.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

This treatment plan offers more flexibility to help you fulfill career or family obligations while also still getting 1:1 and group support.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient treatment programs allow you to maintain your normal routine while moving intentionally toward continued sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis (DD)

At our holistic treatment center in NJ, we focus on a whole-person approach to therapies and care. When a patient presents with more than one diagnosis (such as depression or anxiety), we address both with integrated modalities.

Step 4: Begin Your Journey To Liberation and Healing

You will be given a comprehensive care plan and session schedule to follow. It will include 1:1 sessions as well as group sessions to help you get as much support as possible.
We approach treatment armed with multiple modern, traditional, holistic, and evidence-based therapies for holistic care.
At Epiphany Wellness, we believe patients must have the autonomy to develop their own sense of recovery. Our clinical and medical team is always available to you to keep you empowered and accountable.
You will learn to develop practical skills to help you overcome obstacles and learn to apply them in meaningful ways that are sustainable for thriving transformation.

It Begins With Step 1. Pick Up The Phone and Call Today.

All You Have To Do Is Start. We’re Here To Help You Finish.


We Understand The Choice To Change Isn’t Easy.

But The Change Is Worth It.

True transformation of any kind is never easy. You will have to dig deep and think through your challenges and goals. There may be days where you’re not sure how long you can last or what tomorrow looks like.
That’s why your best chance of success lies in an evidence-backed, custom, and holistic approach supported by field experts and supportive providers.
You alone can start. But you don’t have to finish alone.
Reach out today and begin the transformative journey to the future you want and the healing you need.

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