Wanting To Buy Adderall Online?: You Might Want To Think Again

Adderall is a prescription medication given to some people diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, and narcolepsy. The generic name for the medication Adderall is dextroamphetamine and falls under the stimulant drug classification.


Stimulants are known for increasing brain activity in certain areas of the brain, which can help people to stay focused on tasks, stay awake, and allow people with behavioral issues to control themselves more effectively.


However, many stimulants, including Adderall, are addictive. Adderall and other stimulants like it are highly regulated drugs because of their high addiction potential. Adderall usage can cause other health-related issues if used improperly or abused.


Those with an increased risk of developing a substance use disorder or have previously abused substances should avoid taking Adderall to prevent addiction.


Adderall can also cause withdrawal in those who have to take the medication for a prolonged time. Withdrawal can occur whether the medication was prescribed or consumed illegally.


Many people consume Adderall illegally. It has caused an addiction crisis, primarily in college-aged students who use the drug to perform better academically. Not only is it a conflict of interest for the academic community and the pharmaceutical industry, but it calls into question the very foundation of our academic system.


However, it should be noted that Adderall addiction can affect anyone regardless of whether they are in an academic setting or not. Many people take stimulants for other reasons besides academic achievement, and illegal consumption of Adderall has become quite the issue.


Online black market and drug websites allow people to purchase Adderall online without a prescription. While this may seem convenient, it is a serious issue that must be addressed.


If you or a loved one has been purchasing Adderall online or considering exploring that path, please continue reading to find out the risks associated with online Adderall purchases and the dangers and side effects of Adderall and Adderall addiction, and what to do if you are addicted to Adderall.

Dangers of Buying Adderall Online


Illegally purchasing any type of prescription drug is a health hazard. There is a laundry list of reasons why purchasing drugs online is even more dangerous than purchasing drugs off the street.


The dangers of the digital drug market extend far past the typical dangers associated with drug use and drug purchasing. The online criminal drug trade extends past the typical street drugs and into fake medicine, unregulated dosing, and scams.

In addition, purchasing illegal drugs online without a prescription puts the buyer at an incredibly high risk of being caught by law enforcement agencies. It is much easier to catch someone using an unencrypted laptop or IP address than someone purchasing drugs on the street.


Many people suffering from addictions to Adderall resort to purchasing Adderall and other drugs online through illegal websites called “no prescription online pharmacies.” These online pharmacies are often unregulated and illegitimate.


Many people find these pharmacies empowering and make getting their prescription drugs easier, but that is only the case when a legitimate pharmacy creates a legitimate website. Many of the websites where you can purchase regulated drugs such as Adderall without a prescription or not partnered with a legitimate pharmaceutical company.


Many people have suffered serious side effects and medical emergencies from online drug purchases. In addition, medical tragedies such as overdoses, addiction, and even deaths have occurred from online drug purchasing.


This is because the black-market pharmaceutical industry has no legitimate form of regulation. That allows black market pharmaceutical companies to create and doctor up the drugs they sell. Often the drugs are fixed to be more potent or stronger than prescription drugs you could get at the pharmacy.


This causes many people to overdose because they take the dose they normally take, but it is much stronger. In addition, fake medications are a huge issue. Many people purchase one narcotic type but will get a different drug. This can cause addiction and overdose, as well as other health emergencies.


Illegal online pharmacies are also hot spots for fraud and identity theft. When inputting your credit card information and identification information into the website, it is extremely easy for hackers to steal your information and sell it. Sometimes, illegal online pharmacies will save your information and sell it to third-party buyers.


That means it is incredibly easy for your financial security and identity to be stolen on these websites.


Lastly, it is very easy to be caught. Due to encryption and stealthy planning, law enforcement agencies may be unable to access the websites themselves. Still, most people who purchase drugs from these websites do not have the same level of encryption on their personal computers. Therefore, in some cases, accessing these illegal websites can allow law enforcement to gather evidence against you for an arrest.

Buying Unprescribed Adderall Online: Dangers, Side-Effects, & How To Know If You Are Struggling With An Addiction


Purchasing non-prescription Adderall is incredibly dangerous. That is regardless of where the drugs are coming from. Both street drugs and online illegal pharmacy Adderall can be incredibly dangerous.


Not only are you putting your physical health on the line, but you are also opening up your life to a world of danger, addiction, and uncomfortable or painful side effects caused by drug use. Understanding the severity of an Adderall addiction is crucial.


In general, using Adderall can cause several side effects, many of which can be uncomfortable or dangerous. These side effects often increase in those taking Adderall illegally without a prescription.


Side effects of Adderall, both illegal and prescription, can be found in the following list of side effects. Many of these side effects disappear once the individual stops taking the medication. However, there are long-term side effects of extreme Adderall abuse that can cause significant long-term damage.


  • Weight loss
  • Decreased appetite
  • Insomnia or sleep issues
  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pains
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Increased anxiety
  • General nervousness
  • Fever


When people are given a prescription Adderall, it is because the doctor has decided the benefit of the medication is greater than the risk of the side effects. When taking Adderall without a prescription, the side effects can often be worse than the benefits of the medication because a doctor made no comparison to weigh the pros and cons of Adderall use.


In addition, Adderall and other stimulants have been known to raise blood pressure. Therefore, someone taking Adderall without a prescription who has high blood pressure can be putting themselves at a higher risk of blood pressure-related health concerns.


There are more serious side effects, including circulation issues, such as blood flow problems in the extremities, fingers, and toes. This can manifest as coldness or a sensation of numbness and pain. Sometimes there is skin discoloration as a result of circulatory issues.


You’re also more likely to develop an Adderall addiction if you take it without a prescription.


Some people experience severe mood changes when taking Adderall, including increased aggression, depressive episodes, or even thoughts of suicide. In addition, many people experience agitation and feel like their thoughts are not their own.


Other people can experience uncontrollable muscular twitches or movements. Other individuals who took Adderall experience changes in their sexual ability as well.


The more dangerous side effects of Adderall abuse include shortness of breath as well as an irregular heartbeat. Blurry vision, difficulty speaking, and confusion are also serious concerns. People experiencing signs of heart attacks, seizures, or extreme exhaustion should reach out to a medical professional immediately.


Some people have experienced extreme migraines, fainting episodes, and weakness isolated to one side of the body. All of these are extremely dangerous side effects and require medical care immediately.


There is an easy way to tell those taking Adderall who may be concerned that they might be addicted. Try not to take the medication as frequently as you normally do. If you cannot go one day without taking the drug, and begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, then you are suffering from an addiction.

Addicted To Buying Adderall Online? Addiction Treatment Options


If you or a loved one is suffering from an Adderall addiction, there are ways to overcome it. The first step is realizing that there is an issue. Once you have identified that you are suffering from a substance use disorder, you can take the proper steps to heal from it and move on with your life.


For those suffering from an Adderall addiction, there is a clear choice of what to do. Reach out to Epiphany today to find the right treatment plan for you. By getting professional help, you lower the chances of a relapse and increase the likelihood that you will live a long and drug-free life after treatment.


Starting a drug treatment plan and getting help for an addiction can be an incredibly scary time in someone’s life. However, we are proud to stand by you every step to ensure you get the care you need and deserve to live a drug-free life. So please reach out to Epiphany today to get started.




Epiphany has sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations for our references. We avoid using tertiary references as our sources. You can learn more about how we source our references by reading our Editorial Policy.

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